Branded Products

For those of our clients who have utilised our branding services, such as logo and website design, we can also provide high quality branded merchandise. 

Get Your Business Noticed

Your Business Personality is communicated through your brand.

Using promotional merchandise is a great way to get your next advertising campaign into potential customers’ homes or offices.  You can use merchandise to introduce your business to new clients, increase brand recognition and to engage with your clients.  By having printed mugs, pens and sticky note pads, you will ensure that your company will be on your clients’ desk or being shared around the office.

HQ Hubs Branded Merchandise

Why Choose Branded Products?

Branded products can be anything with your logo and contact details on, from a pen or a leaflet to company workwear such as polo shirts.
We can also design and produce branded products to complement the branding packages

You should aim to provide your clients with something they are likely to need to use often, ensuring that you’re always in view.  For example, if you are targeting an office environment, then mugs, pens, sticky notes and calendars are all useful and easy to keep on a desk.  However, if you’re targeting lorry drivers then branded air fresheners might be more useful, or even a branded phone charger for people who are always on the go!

SMJ Homecare Branded Pen Design

Branded Pens

Promotional pens have been popular for many years as they are both cost effective and useful to your customers. We all find ourselves needing a pen to note something down on a daily basis, and with our promotional pens you’ll be on hand to not only help your customer, but also boost your brand recognition!

Our pens come in a range of styles, shapes and types to give you greater flexibility and to help you stand out from the crowd.  Choose from a stylish range of ballpoint pens, rollerball, fountain pens and much more!

Admin Hotline Branded Business Mug

Branded Mugs

Mugs are a great way to connect with your customers on a daily basis, as everyone loves a warm drink! Whether you use them at a trade fair, in a meeting or even in your own office, branded mugs are a great way to give the right impression to any  potential clients who visit your business.

We offer many different styles of mug, ranging from coffee mugs to tea cups and even travel mugs!

Wildflower Branded Promotional Coasters

Branded Coasters

Personalised and bespoke drink mats are an affordable and convenient way to get your brand noticed.  Not only will they stop your clients getting unwanted tea stains on their desks, but they will also help you to get your message across and boost your brand recognition.

Coasters are available in all kinds of styles, materials and shapes, so get in touch with us today to find out what we have available.


BeesWare Branded Shopping Tote

Branded Tote Bag

Promotional bags are great at spreading the word about your business to other potential customers, especially since they can be used time and time again.  Not only will you improve brand recognition with your customers, but when they use them, a whole new audience will see your brand!

We can source a variety of different bags to suit your business, from tote bags to backpacks and even sports bags!


IntoSums Branded Business Notebook

Branded Notebooks

Notebooks are essential for a wide variety of businesses, and our branded notebooks are a creative way to boost your brand recognition and display your logo to potential customers.

We can source a wide variety of notebooks to suit different sectors and budgets such as spiral bound, casebound and even different sizes! 


Plumbing Pool Branded Work Uniform and Clothing

Branded Clothing

Whether you are looking for branded workwear or clothing for company giveaways, branded t-shirts are a great way to get your brand noticed and get your message across.

Branded workwear also gives your customer a positive impression of your company, especially if you visit them in their own homes.

We can source a range of clothing, from headwear to jackets!


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