Social Media Management

Did you know that there are an estimated 3.6 billion people using Social Media in the world? With such a large audience across the various platforms, it is important that you create and post regular and engaging content to increase brand recognition and trust with your customers.

Embedded Facebook Feed

Social Media Management

The DM Hub creates and posts high quality and engaging social media content for businesses across different sectors across major platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn.

We help you stand out from your competition and attract and maintain a new audience.

Content design and copy is created, scheduled and agreed in advance; we can provide a login to view future posts and their timings.

Our team will work closely with yours to understand your requirements and help you formulate and carry out the best strategy to suit your business needs including setting up and managing your social media advertising.

To the left is an example Facebook feed. As well as posts being on their respective platforms, they also show how they can also be embedded in a website to provide and display up-to-date content.

HQ Hubs Responsive Mobile Website

 Should my business be on every social media platform?

There is no reason for your business to be on every Social Media platform, it is important to use the platforms your customers use though.  You may find that some of the biggest social platforms do not bring anything to your business! This is why we feel that it is important to get to know you and your customers so we can suggest the best strategy to encourage engagement.

For example, if you offer B2B services, LinkedIn would be a valuable platform to engage with your customers whereas TikTok or Snapchat would be less useful as they are aimed at teenage audiences and individuals.

Will I be able to check Social Media posts before they get delivered?

Absolutely! We will work with you to create a campaign and establish the goals for your platforms.  Once we write your content and design your imagery, we will upload them onto our scheduling platform.  You will have access to everything we have created for your business and to confirm you are happy with the posts before they go live.

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